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An executive-sounding description of someone who cleans toilets for a living. Stands for "Chief Janitorial Officer".
I just got hired at this big company, they made me their CJO.
by scrubbinit July 13, 2010
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(n.) A song that goes: There was a negro and a dawg and nigga was their name hoe n i gga n i gga n i gga and nigga was their name hoe!
One must consider one's surroundings carefully before one sings the Cjo, or there is a reasonable chance that one might get shot before one finishes the Cjo.
by cjo January 19, 2005
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an acronym for Cow Jumps Over Sun.
a person who is very annoying, and is overly obsessive towards people who do not like her/him.
there can be many varieties of a CJOS, including, shor cjos, fat cjos, skanky cjos, and just the natural one.
no body likes cjos's.
She's so annoying! She's such a CJOS.
by mhm53360 November 20, 2009
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