Cum In Pussy - Sexual act often used when describing services offered by an escort.
The escort I see lets me CIP COF COB.
by William Freeman August 8, 2008
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CIP stands for "Creeper in Progress"

Comes from the original acronym CBC.
"OMG! Total CIP!", "Dude he is totally CIPing!"
by EmmaX_xMCRmy September 10, 2009
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"who is that?"
"Oh thats just Cip"
by Papinutted March 14, 2018
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Slang usage of 'case in point.' Used to justify a relevant illustrative example.
Reverse tense of 'therefore.'
(example) therefore (claim)
(claim) cip (example)
Monkeys are bad. Cip, they throw poo.
by MB21 June 30, 2005
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Term used in northeast part of Czech republic (you can hear it in other location in CZ too). Ussualy used by people from Ostrava region like common addition to describe both negative and positive feelings. This is name of young collier without experiences. It´s just a dialect.
...dobré jako cip - damn good
ty si cip - you´re asshole
cipe - asshole
cip - young collier (miner) in branch
by leomormor February 6, 2008
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