Post Concert Depression

After the sudden increase of adrenaline one experiences during a concert, many people feel depressed and empty afterwards and constantly feel the urge to cry. PCD often lasts roughly 3 days after a show but can potentially linger for weeks.
I feel ya, man. I miss them so much already that I'm physically in pain. We've got a case of PCD.
by ConcertGoer7 April 19, 2011
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PCD- meaning Post Concert Depression. PCD can range from days to weeks to even months based on your case (warning some cases may be fatal.) Often a side effect of having the time of your life at a concert. Common symptoms include crying, barfing, nausea, fever, hallucination, dizziness and constant anger or irritation.
Friend 1: Wow the PCD is for real right now! Can't stop thinking about last night!

Friend 2: I wish we could go back!
by divalicious-so-nutritious August 21, 2014
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Post Convention Depression

It's the feeling of missing your friends and the fun you had in the convention you just went to and got home from. It's actually a common feeling from con-goers. (Like me ^^) It usually passes though in 1-4 days.
Friend: He's having PCD right now after that awesome convention at Pittsburgh.

Me: Awwr =/ i knows how that feels.
by Tanor Faux November 23, 2010
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also know as Post Camp Depression. side effects include: replaying reckless love, feeling sad, wondering why you made one too many friendship bracelets, constantly scrolling through camp pics, and reading your Bible. consider looking into group counseling for the whole cabin.
Oh my gosh, I just got back from church camp and the PCD is so real right now!
by campjay July 23, 2018
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Post Creep Depression. Taken from Jersey Shore's verb "to creep" This is the act of wanting to commit suicide the next day after partying hard and creeping on girls all night.

Combined with being hungover and learning of all the stupid shit one has done, he or she contemplates jumping of a roof or sliting ones wrist the next day.

This also occurs following an awesome outing or trip with friends after a long night of drinking and realizing that the fun is now over and have to go back to your shitty life.
Guy: Man I can't believe I threw up all over that hot chick last night while we were making out.

Friend: Yea, that sucks that you're gonna hafta see her in your Econ class tomorrow.

Guy: Man this PCD sucks, I think I'm going to go take a bath with the toaster.
by Hitz September 11, 2010
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A feeling felt by most furries after leaving a con and resuming their boring lives.
Ted was dealing with a heavy case of PCD after leaving Anthrocon '09.
by Dysto June 12, 2011
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Post Convention Depression that is always, always suffered after an amazing BBYO convention full of friends, spooey, Alephs, BBGs, leadership, dancing, and admiring the amazing regional board.
Me: So, studying for the AP Calc test?
Aleph Boy: No, I can't think about school with my PCD.
by beautyanddelusion May 8, 2012
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