Closed-Circuit Television, otherwise known as a video camera directly attached to a monitoring system; usually seen in security systems. These video cameras have only the basic of features.
"Oh shit, My face was shown all over the company's CCTV setup."
by Kris Casiño April 21, 2006
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China Central TV, whose new creepy-looking tower is more or less completed now somewhere in Beijing.
"OMG you see them two buildings they are tilting onto each other very soon!"
"Nah you idiot it's the new CCTV tower."
by alisu August 13, 2008
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CCTV when seen on dating channels means Can't see TV, so users can only see messages sent to their inbox, not on the tv.
20yr old male seeks open minded female 18-25. London area. CCTV x
by EDivinex January 2, 2009
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Indian women who live in India, in their 50s+ who have nothing better to do with their time apart from stalk younger people in the street from their windows and see what they r upto. Some tend to be fat. If someone appears to be doing something which is not seen as right in their eyes, for example 2 opposite genders just talking and doing nothing else, they seem to think that they automatically have the right to get involved and tell them off when in reality haven’t done anything wrong. This is due to the fact that they still think it’s 1940 and opposite genders can’t talk. Always think they are right when 99% of the time they are wrong.
“Look at that old Indian woman being a cctv camera. She’s proper staring at those people over there who are doing nothing wrong. This is what you call an Indian CCTV camera”.
by 5’8 81KG tryna bulk!?!? January 3, 2023
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They're like little people except nailed to a poll. Oh! They're Jesus! They're just like Jesus.
Hym "Not quite what's happening here though is it? That's what the whole 'get what you deserve' rant was about. You maintaining the illusion of control and keen indifference towards the visible spill-off. But THIS on the other hand is more like CCTV cameras that are only pointed at me. Iam is still asleep by the way... We don't usually get up this early.
by Hym Iam May 9, 2022
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