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CBW is a national weekly holiday where friends gather to celebrate life with blunts. It is a time of fellowship, sharing, and caring that brings people together for a common purpose. It generally consists of blunts, food, community and sometimes wine or beer, in which case it may turn into CBBW (Casual Blunt Beer Wednesday) or CBWW (Casual Blunt Wine Wednesday). The main aspect is to stay casual in whatever you may be partaking in, in this case meaning happening by chance and fortuitous. Life often happens by chance, although you may have intention, and make plans, life is called life and not your plan as such we must realize that we are fortunate and should be appreciative of the fact that life has a plan and everything will flow according to it.
"Come celebrate, it's CBW." "Okay I'll grab the blunts."
by THE BEAR November 13, 2013
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Originating in Illinois between a group of pot head friends. CBW is Casual Blunt Wednesday. (the B can be interchanged with other words such as bowl, bong, bud, & ect.)
person 1:yo dude, its CBW. you celebratin??
person 2:hells yeah son. you want me to get that blunt still??
by meghanjanex3 January 23, 2009
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An acronym for Cunt Bitch Whore. A person that, no matter how well you treat them, takes advantage of you. They go behind your back and sees other people. On your 2 year anniversary they go spend the weekend with a guy that they met online the week before. They never thank you for anything that you have done, like taking care of their child, helping pay bills, buying groceries, paying their college tuition for 2 semesters, ANYTHING. Cheat on you with your best friend when you are out for the evening.
I used to have that movie but CBW has it at her house, and its not worth dealing with her to get it back!
by Midgi March 02, 2011
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Stands For (Chaotic Backyard Wrestling)The Best, Most Awsome Wrestling Ever Created, Usually Had Matches Between Chad And Dan and Was Filmed By Aaron. They Used Lighttubes,Barbedwire, Glass, Staplers and Jumped Off Ladders.
Ex 1:

Aaron: "are You Going To The CBW Event Tomorrow?"

Ben: "Hell Ya"

Ex: 2

"CBW FTW!!!!!"-Nyah from JTV
by cbwlover93 March 07, 2008
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Cum Burping Whore -- a person of Despicable character and habits. Similar to James Comey or Barack Obama or Charles Schumer.
I heard that CBW's testimony July 2016, where he outline how the bitch committed treason numerous times only to prognosticate that she should not be prosecuted even though that was not his job to determine.
by Redmond-Mik June 09, 2017
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CBW - Craft Beer Wanker

Somebody who indulges in the pleasures of Craft Beer, and cannot possibly frequent any other types of establishment that don't serve any craft beer.

Likes to inform everybody of how to make craft beer, describes the aroma, and sometimes also brews their own craft beer
Cor, did you hear that guy Luke banging on about how he brewed his own IPA the other day?

Yer, he's a proper CBW
by DC01Airblade May 16, 2018
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