Any animal that devours its own kind.
"Does this taste funny to you?"

Overheard when two cannibals were eating a clown.
by bomb biscuit January 30, 2004
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(1.) A person that feeds on the flesh of other humans.
(2.) An animal that eats it's own kind.
(3.) Someone who performs oral sex on others.
(4.) Someone who eats the tinned meat from Netto.
(1.) I hear this movie has cannibals in it!
(2.) These animals often resort to cannibalism when they have eaten all other species in the area.
(3.) Cannibals are fun!
(4.) Eww.. you're eating 1/2 Priis netto's tinned meat? Are you a cannibal or something?
by k9norn November 12, 2003
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is the act or phrase of one human being consuming another. There is little evidence that cannibalism was ever practiced as a routine source of nutrition. It is generally agreed the practice usually carried a special meaning for its practitioners.
Person: Holy shit! Why are you eating me??!!
Cannibal: Relax, man. I'm a cannibal; it's my religion.
by soundbounder June 16, 2008
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A human or animal that eats its own kind.

These people don't care who you are, they will just eat you either alive or cooked. They may put spices on you and then cook you alive.

They appear in post-apocalyptic books or if so, our earth if it becomes one.

In famines, starving peoples' only source of food is eating others.
Books with cannibals in them, well so far I know that: The Road, is one of them.

The movie: The Road, tells about the book, has a wide perspective of cannibalism being a fear among survivors in a post-apocalyptic world.

Any animal or human or bug(e.g. The female praying mantis eats the head of her mate after mating) that devours the flesh of its or her or his kind are considered a cannibal.

A cannibal may approach to you with their jaws watering and teeth stained with blood. They may bite you to death or kill you, you must fight back, kill them or you will be food. Even if you run away, they may outrun you. Unless you get lucky.
by Fruityogos April 02, 2011
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Someone who is really cool and eats people. People are good... they taste like chicken. Cannibals mostly enjoy feasting on preps and "gangstas" and anyone who doesn't know what Metallica is.
Cannibal: I will eat you.
Prep: OH NO! I'm going to go listen to Avril Lavigne to make me feel better.
Cannibal: Yum, my favorite.
by Deathrider March 24, 2006
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