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A big-ass high school that makes getting into UCLA look easy. The campus is randomly strewn about a several acre plot of muddy land. People here generally participate in more than two clubs, necessarily including Key Club, and tend to be extremely good at math, music, or math and music. If a person falls under none of the above categories, then they are either too smart to waste time in school, too stoned to think, or too artistic to waste time in the rigid facism that is the US school system.
Guy: I got a 2400 on the new SAT on the first try.
You: Are you from Gunn?
by Jaya March 23, 2005
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Someone who is hard, a "G", a thug, are someone who has a thuggish mentality like a pimp they get money no matter what, someone who may are may not be a drug dealer, but they are very well respect were they live and they do not put up with anything are anyone’s shit.
Tee: Damn do you see Tray over their getten loud with Tim?
Ray: Hell yea he's crazy.
Tee: Did you hear Tray is in the hospital Tim beat the shit out of him it's crazy he's still alive!
Ray: That's his fault he knew Tim was a "Gunn"!
by Kitty25cc January 08, 2009
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Gunn High school began after the school district realized Paly High is way too boss. Too many kids wanted to be able to have the same pride as normal Palo Alto kids had when they said they go to Paly. So now they created Gunn High school- which is the reason for suicides, and asians brains taking over.

They are very a irresponsible school. How could a school let eggs be thrown all over(2009)? or let Paly kick their butts in football?
face it. Paly owns!
"You are retarded. You must go to Gunn"
by 2014paly November 22, 2010
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Too Hummiliate a person who has made a attempt to humiliate you. also known as Roasting
Dre: Boy you know you dumb
you: awww shit im finna Gunn yo big ugly ass
by Drae T July 02, 2009
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is a Poo finger, Poo muncher, Marmite Bandit, Gay, Poof, Unko, No sense of fashion, Unwanted by girls, Gods gift to men, fuck stains, wank stain, Wanna be pimp, wigga, try hard, blender, Fagg, Homo, Dry, Unwanted, Loner, flamer, fairy, poofter, butt monkey, butt pirate, cum drinker, poo puncher, back door bandit, pillow biter, Lavender, ball crawler, poonce, donut puncher, ass sucker, slut, whore, faggot with no friends ugly teeth bad hair shitty sense of style (unusual for a gay boy) attends a shitty school and many people wish Gunn were dead!!!!
your such gunn wanna be
by Jamie Howden December 19, 2005
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The one and only Ralph Gunnington the 3rd.
Sup gunn... what are you sayin' gunn?
by pedro September 28, 2004
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