Made famous by rapper Plies. Byke is another word for back.
Joe said to John, “Hey man, I’m parked in the byke of the club!”

Jalen to Tyler: “Man her ass is so fat. I can’t wait to hit from the byke.
by Tvtime1 February 19, 2018
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That byke is so ugly in her gay outfit.
by Dytch May 13, 2019
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A whore. Someone who has fucked many people. So, if a person has been rode by loads of people, they are a Byke.
That woman fucked 21 people last week and 17 the week before, what a Byke!
by Glittery Goddess May 31, 2004
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Something cooler then 'cool'. When something is far superior to 'cool'.
Yo that ride is byke! That body of yours is byke girl!
by Max Power September 23, 2004
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a woman who is physically, emotionally, and romantically linked with women but identifies as bisexual or as a byke in order to accomodate her occassional attraction to men. She doesn't identify as a full on lesbian but is close.

Related to Kinsey's Sexuality Scale. The Kinsey Report was written in the 1940s and 50s which found that there are more than the presumed 3 levels of sexuality (straight, bisexual, or gay), but that there are a multitude of sexual orientations. The report came up with a sliding 0-6 scale, defining "0" as completely heterosexual, all the way up to "6" as completely homosexual. A byke is a woman who would identify around a 4-5 level on the scale.

Derived from the two words "bisexual" and "dyke" = byke. Byke is sometimes used as a comical reference to deny the rigid societal regulations of sexuality. A related word that a woman might also use is "queer" in order to relate with the LGBT community.

Mara: hmm, i don't want to date most men but sometimes i find myself attracted to certain guys. i'm kind of confused.
Sara: well, your sexuality is up to you, ya know. wouldn't you agree that you are basically a lesbian, or dyke. we could call you a byke - basically you're gay but sometimes you like guys...not full on bisexual.

Anna: you're a dirty bi!
Callie: naw, im a Byke! i love the ladies...i connect with women almost always. but i reserve the right to occasionally date a man.
Anna: Ha...ok. i'll give ya that.
by selvy January 14, 2006
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from "bisexual dyke". generally, a lesbian or dyke-identified woman who acknowledges a sexual or emotional affection for men. also known as a "bi-dyke".
sparrow from dtwof identifies as a bi-dyke.
by dagger_grrl February 14, 2004
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a boy dyke. a lesbian, female-identified individual (to some extent, althou s/he may or may not use famle pronouns) who relates more to the male roles of society. s/he may feel partially or wholly transgender
no, she's not into femmes, she only dates butches, bois, and bykes.
by icky vicky April 24, 2005
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