bout that life originally referred to the florida law that gives 10 years for possession, 20 for firing, and life inprisonment for killing with a concealed weapon. if you are bout that life, you are willing to serve life in prison for killing a person. Later, bout that life was adapted to mean things such as being brave, popular, or 'down' for the respective crew.
by chris haugh October 9, 2008
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When you are doing anything that a normal person would not do.
"im bout to go beat up that jit cause im bout dat life"

"aye you a real ass dude, you bout dat life"
by lewinski.5 December 21, 2009
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Not living up to someone else's life style standards. Uncool or acting like someone you are not. Doing something you do not do on an everyday basis.
" She had a pair of black heels, red paint and high-gloss varnish in her shopping bag, she ain't bout that life. "
by Bgame March 19, 2013
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something about this life -reflection on the mysterious realm of day to day existence with other people, and a comment on the frustration of same. (this does not even take into consideration natural "disasters" and/or "god's will" situations!!!!!) ie; mental asylum without walls, "free range" mental asylum!
judy gave john the heave-ho, he just shrugged and said; sump'm bout this life!

i caught 'the' cancer! -sump'm bout this life!

my mother just died -sump'm bout this life!
by michael foolsley December 16, 2009
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u aint ready. u cant whoop aka u aint ready!!!
did u shemika run up on me!
girl dont even worry she aint bout tht life!!!
by keepitreal25/8 May 8, 2012
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Basically saying you aren’t about that thug shit ho and this saying was not originated in dirty Pittsburgh
“Nikerr You ain’t bout that life “ cause he really ain’t built for the streets
by Jewls January 21, 2020
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