John put his penis in and out of Edd's butt, real hard an fast. They had buttsex.
by Clash.360 September 21, 2009
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When you open up your buttcheeks nice and wide so the other person can stick their dick inside.
We were having buttsex, then my mother came in and saw my 12 inch dick being shoved up the other guy's anus.
by DoctorRoflcopter March 13, 2015
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n. The act of taking a large penis in your anus, until it cums.
by JoshBob January 13, 2003
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When your ass gets full of dick. Possibly a large dildo. May cause anal tearing without lube.
That dude just had buttsex with 85 people at once, including the president.
by Mr. Blazin September 27, 2017
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what everything revolves around
why kobe bryant's in trouble
damn kobe's on trial cuase of some harmless butsex?
by MugFlashingShavers November 9, 2003
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