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When I asked Veronica if she was a natural blonde, she pulled down her pants and said "Yup. I'm a Butter Crotch."
by milkman51 August 30, 2009
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The blonde counterpart to a firecrotch: a word describing blonde pubic hair.
That one blonde girl who works the shift at Subway with me? She doesn't shave; she's a full-blown buttercrotch.
by paulwholikesmaps January 21, 2012
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Buttercrotch is when you cum inside an old lady and she fingers herself until the semen's viscosity thickens, much like churning butter.
Grandma! I can't sleep with the sound of your buttercrotch all night in the kitchen with papi!
by Suspence007 March 10, 2014
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Like 'butter face', but instead of a hot body with an ugly face, the person possesses exceptionally good looks but a small/not so good looking crotch. For men, common terms would be 'pencil dick' or 'baby penis'. Women, terms like 'blue waffle' or the favorite 'stink tuna'.
Jake: Dude, I swear Amanda is so freakin' hot! I'm really considering getting in bed with her tonight.

Dave: Ehh, yeah she's good looking, but I wouldn't bang. Word is she's a butter crotch.

Jake: What?
Dave: Yep. Her clitoris looks like chewed up bubble gum. Pretty sick man.
by lennytheoreo November 29, 2012
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When a woman's vagina tastes like Werther's.
Tom: Did you hook up with that girl from the party last night?
Dave: Yeah, but she was had a buttercrotch.

If my grandparents were still sexually active, I bet my grandfather would brag that my grandmother has a buttercrotch.
by Mike Amelsgone July 25, 2011
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