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A bag of butts, what did you expect it to be idiots?
From now on I will carry around my collection of butts in my butt bag.
by tfrat42 October 06, 2006
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It's a bag of butts!


A stupid, obnoxious, or otherwise contemptable person.
That guy just cut the line! What a buttbag!
by Tbomb December 04, 2006
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butt bags, or buttbag

The view of someones lower butt, where the cheeks meet the legs and are extending out past shorts that do not fully contain the flesh.

a big ol’ ass hanging out of itty bitty shorts, sort of like “muffin top” for the gut
-(description sourced from

plural form of buttbag
"dang, did you see that chick in walmart in front of us today with the serious butt bags?! she shoulda double bagged that thing before leaving the house. Talk about letting it all hang out."

"I can't wear those shorts in public, they give me hecka butt bags."

Girl, turn around, did you look in the mirror before you left the house? those daisy dukes are more like daisy butt bags dont's!
by tizzyfit May 03, 2011
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A renaissance man/woman of horrible things. A Buttbag is a person who is part attention whore, part pretentious hipster, part fake yuppie, part drama queen, part conceited douche and part self-righteous asshole. Perfect examples are: Kanye West, Tom Brady, Christina Aguilera. A great fictional example is Sarah Marshall from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'.
Did you see Aunt Jane's daily Facebook posts about how she's in mourning for her dying father....but according to her he's been dying for 15 years AND she threw in something about being a great caregiver and how everyone else is a horrible person. Man she's such a Buttbag.
by Kniggit September 05, 2016
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Large bags under the eyes that resemble a butt. These butt bags stand out more on someone without eye-makeup. They are similar to dark puffy under-eye bags, but are pinkish in color.
My boss must have been up drinking all night, she has massive butt bags goin' on.
by sabrina sf March 27, 2008
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