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Small, bucolic town. Overpopulated by mullet-wearing rednecks who can't appreciate it's a place in which to grow up, not grow old. Very "Mayberry" in that neighbors know neighbors and whatnot.
Illegal immigrant population high, owing to agricultural interests/industries. Home of Chrysler Corp. UAW membership is high in this strata of Americana. Girls of high-school age are considered skanks/cows/easy.
Boy #1: I met this Belvidere chick.
B#2: Seriously? You get laid?
B#1: Did I say I met a BELVIDERE chick???? HELLOOOO?
by Shmoopie1027 March 04, 2009
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Belvidere is a crappy town, just outside of slightly less crappy rockford, but Bevlidere doesn't have as high of a crime right, althought, it has as many illegals as it doesn't citizens. There are tons of fake ass LK, and 13, and then some legit gang activity. Overpopulated, growing extremely fast, and still, fuck all to do. Cops are dickheads, and have nothing to do except fuck with kids, and give out traffic violations.
"You're going to Belleville?"
"No, Belvidere."
"Yeah, that's what I said."
by Break. July 19, 2008
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Belvidere Illinois is a little hole of a town filled to the brim with illegal Mexicans who drain the welfare and educational systems and drive around in un-insured cars and cause accidents then disappear. It is also known for having a terrible school system and horrible roads and the downtown area is a crumbling ruin. With all of these problems Belvidere still manages to provide its ridiculously overpaid,overstaffed and overstuffed Police Department with brand new Sports Cars! Belvidere's other chief exports are Pedophiles and Cocaine! Belvidere is also known for it's horrible, dumpy and oh-so-Carnylicious Boone County Fair. Every Summer the dregs of society come out to pay a ridiculous fee to enter the Boone County Fairgrounds (A muddy field on the outskirts of Belvidere) to then be charged ridiculous fees for every attraction inside. A great place to go if you need some cheap-ass trinkety crap like Def Leppard decorative mirrors or a feathered roach clip and also if you like to risk life and limb on the rusty and unsafe "Thrill" rides! Come to Belvidere if you want to get your civil liberties violated and arrested for apparently no reason at all or if you need 20 undocumented Mexicans or a big bag of Cocaine! Oh yeah and we have a huge number of Pedophiles YAY!!!
Belvidere police Rockford pedophiles cocaine mexicans
by Rockfordsucksassholes August 25, 2010
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A small high school in Northwest New Jersey. Because of it's very rural and country location, it is often joked that it's students are "hillbillies" and "marry their own siblings."
I heard that in Belvidere, one kid married his sister and took her to the prom.
by Highschoolexpert January 09, 2014
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