Goes at the end of statement when you know exactly what you’re talking about and someone says otherwise.
Demi: I’m 1% black!
A stan: You’re actually 0.5% black, but okay.
by pissy cat October 2, 2018
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An annoying phrase one says in an argument after making an awful point and have nothing else to say. Very irritating and is normally said in a higher pitch to everything else.
"You never take the bins out!" "Well i actually was going to tonight. BuT oKaY"
by Mike Hunttttttttt June 16, 2020
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the soul crushing word that is gus and hazel's always
okay, hazel grace?


okay? okay
by spicyapplepie June 19, 2014
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a pop smoke ad-lib, also an extra “ok” added to provide emphasis in coversation
Chuck: “You wanna roll another one, Pop?”

Pop: “okay okay”
by slimeballll September 8, 2020
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The state of being perfectly fine, not in any distress in any manner, way, shape, or form.
Eddie: How're you Karen?

Karen: I'm A-Okay!
by ChioBam March 23, 2009
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A polite negative reponse to an offer. Sounds like you're agreeing but actually means the opposite. This phrase is very hard to argue with without being rude. Commonly used when a salesperson tries to get you to buy something extra, or when someone who likes you but you don't want to involved with offers to do you a favor.
Poindexter: Hi Suzie! Would you like me to carry your books for you? They look heavy!

Suzie: That's okay
by Webster Papadopolous July 12, 2004
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A lie that people tell so others are happy.
by Meowstache Emo February 22, 2017
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