The combination of butter and mustard. Mixed together the new compound resembles that of semen. Usually used as a sauce for chicken wings.
That guy was such a dick on the phone that I gave him a side of Bustard instead of ranch.
by ChristopherMichaels July 7, 2009
Someone who is between a "buster" and a "bastard" .
Bustard is the Combination of these two peps.

Some dude who is willing to sell his friend short for personal gain.


One who makes life difficult.
by bboyrewind September 22, 2009
A functionally retarded bus passenger that rides the bus all day because he has nothing else to do. Usually with a government issued bus pass.
That bustard keeps annoying the driver with retarded questions.
by DarthPaul February 26, 2015
A new name for ejaculate (semen), suggesting that it is used as a condiment or topping for food.
While we were eating dinner, she excused herself to go to the bathroom, so I shot bustard all over her cheeseburger.
by Crusty Howard March 24, 2018
this word defines an angry/rude bus-driver
when little Joanie accidently queefed whilst sitting in the front seat of her schoolbus, the loud noise startled Ronald Nesster the 48yr old bus driver. This violation of Ronalds very firm "no noise while on the bus rule" promptly got Joanie kicked off the bus. "what a bustard!" Joanie told her friends later at lunch.
by Jumbipah December 8, 2009
someone who listens to busted
"bustards can't change their bustard ways"
"arr matee, she's a bustard"
by Flyingpurplechlo December 19, 2008