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In the great metropolitan city of Seattle we have an ever progressive bus system. But on our wonderfully convenient buses, bums like to wander. In and out they go, winter, summer, spring and fall. Often times they are loony, and speak peaceful gibberish words into your ear. When earphones, sunglasses, and a hood won't shield you from uncomfortable bus chatter and no longer keep you safe from these migrant babblers, you wear the cleverly fashionable BUSTACHE!!

A bustache, is a mustache, that you wear in the bus. (Or anytime that you need to ward off crazies.)
I'm glad I wore my bustache to the Seattle Storm game, it kept me feeling safe and confident during those awkward conversations.
by chrystih July 10, 2008
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Term to define the desconcerting dark hair growth on some womens chests.
'She should NOT wear such low tops'

'I know.. look at her bustache!'
by eggnoglover January 16, 2010
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