1. An adjective referring to anything sub-par, or of a lesser or lower grade.

2. An adjective meaning bullshit or bunk.

The term is derived from Nascar's joke of an undercard, the Busch League of racing. Not only is the league of a lesser grade than Nascar, the whole idea of racing as a sport is bunk.
Jon: What's up baby girl? You tryin' to bone.
Jane: Please, homeboy. Your game is Busch League.
by Flavor March 12, 2008
A league of people who consume massive amounts of Busch beer on nights that end in "y".
Colton New York, 13625 is the prime example of Busch League
by Staff Drinker August 16, 2008
When you live for fridays and they are 7 whole days apart, you need a tweener date, typically Wednesday, when you and your buddies drink massive amounts of busch heavy, aka diesel, in a shed with a 55 gallon barrel on fire for warmth.
"Fuck I cant wait for Friday, but its only wednesday..."
"Its busch league nigga, lets get trashed."
"gimme that diesel son"
by Richard Goezinya55 February 14, 2010
The greatest Baseball League of degs in America.
Originating in KCMO, this league has it all from: Strokes, to big degs, and even more strokes.

Some of the best baseball to watch in all of the MidWest.
Hey lets go to Busch Stadium to go watch some Busch League baseball, I heard it was going to be a good game.
by Bigpower21 May 28, 2011
bullshit, not fair or cool, see bunk.
"He's fuckin goin to see some girl that he just met instead of drinking with us."
"That's busch league."
by lil mikey March 8, 2005
Anything that reeks of being lame, or not being up to snuff. Any task usually performed by a noob. Also see Amateur Hour
"Yo, I just went to a work party last night, and they made me put together my own name tag."
"Come on, that is so busch league"
by Garces February 11, 2008
A very nasty, uneducated tri-pod. They have spent a combined 17 years (and counting) in college and still can’t read.

Triggered by:
- free thinking conservatives
- women
- people with real jobs
- sandwiches with crust on them
- Lord Donny

Big fans of:
- sugar babies
- providing underwhelming sexual experiences

- liberal propaganda

- Game of Thrones
- Saturday morning cartoons
The Busch League Dems want to participate in adult conversation but the words are too big for their pea-brains to comprehend.
by ShonGean April 19, 2019