Something that is done sloppily, half-assed, or in an amateaur manner.
My mom forgot the pickles and mayo on my sammich! What is this, amateur hour?
by JakeStar August 8, 2005
1) A term used to depict a time period where a lack of skill, ability, or performance was displayed. It is also used to mock people who "find the cheap way" to play games or perform tasks. This term can be used to many different types of situations.

Applied to Work:

Boss: "Damn it Johnson! These papers are NOT in alphabetical order. What is this, Amateur Hour?"

Applied to Video Games:

Player A: "Wow, that kid is using a glitch. I forgot it was amateur hour this time of day."

Applied to Home:

Mom: "Rodney, your room is filthy. I thought I said clean it."
Son: "I did clean it."
Mom: "Did you clean it during amateur hour or something? This is atrocious!"

Applied to School:
Professor: "The class average was a D+ on this exam...seriously class, is it amateur hour when you all come here?"
by SlickolasNickolas March 4, 2010
1. Something crappy.
2. Something amateurly put together. Yes, amateurly.
in southern voice "Sweet Tea? More like amateur hour"
by Funkmastah9 July 12, 2003
A sequence of events during which frustrating realization of said events occurs.
Stuck behind non-moving traffic... What is this? Amateur hour?

Cat destroying your things.

A Hollywood production you paid $20 for (with popcorn) and you're left with 'what the hell was that.'

Angry Cosmo Kramer, "C'mon, what is this!? Amateur hour!?
by Dcandeba November 10, 2009
"Some chump has run the data lines right through the power supply. Amateur hour! I've got tears in my eyes!"
by ipodguru December 30, 2009