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A spiritual successor to the Dirty Sanchez, Burting is the next step in sexual conquest. If you remember Sesame Street you will remember the duo of Ernie and Burt. The character Burt was cursed with a famously bushy Unibrow.
In 'Burting' someone, your goal is to recreate this iconic look on the sweaty face of your sloppy disease ridden whore you could barely afford, or possibly a loved one. With your poop-covered penis you achieved after tricking him/her into anal intercourse, simply drag across the eyebrows or eyes to forever shame them.

If you are feeling extra naughty, you can simply lay a log across their eyes in what we now call the 'Bushy Burt'
" She wouldn't stop nagging me so last night she got some old fashion Burting. Now we don't talk much anymore...but at least she shut up."

" Last night I gave my girlfriend a Bushy Burt. She didn't see it coming, she couldn't see me leave."

by kamikaZi_blitz April 21, 2009
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{Buhr-Tuh} (verb) The act of copying; to take; to recreate someone else's idea as your own.
1) Dude, I totally burted your blog's poll

2) This is unit 32, do you burt?

3) Man, stop burting my blog!
by theburtmaster12345 August 13, 2009
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