The last name given to a special person, those with the last name of Burrows carry a curse called The POPADOM which basically makes them annoying and weird.
dang, i thought that gal was fit, until i realised shes a Burrows... Dang
by ShakespeareAdmirer April 20, 2019
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The famed Will Burrows, known throught the inland empire as "the guy who liked all my shit on FB"
Little does everyone know, that he is more then that, he is probably one of the most down people you will ever meet, you are lucky enough to ever encounter him.
He's often seen with his counterpart Alex Balladares who is just as gnarly as Will, but not as well known.
"OH SWEET 30 new notifications! im so popular"
*Will burrows has liked your status*.... -_____-
by BryceTwice May 12, 2011
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A slang word for sex. Originating in London c. 2009
When I next see you, I wish to burrow you, like there is no tomorrow
by Sir Derek April 24, 2010
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To firstly drink 3 litres of sainsbury's basics cider, then go out and kick the shit out of a zumba fitness sign at a nightclub. Then to get a job working for the aforementioned night club.
"Last night I did a burrows and I owe them £270. Fucks sake."
by wardth December 02, 2011
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Also known as a nickname for curly toenails

Symptoms include: cheesy smell
Oh! I havnt cut my toenails for a long time there looking burrows!
by Jdawg911 October 16, 2019
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1. To lounge or to be lazy in a cold dark enviroment while watching a movie or just lying there.
How dare you disrespect my burrow.
I am so burrow right now.
I'm tired I'm gonna go burrow.
Scot said to Stephen,"I am so burrow right now."
by Scot June 03, 2004
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To take a loan from someone. Originated by the habit of digging deep in your pockets to take out money.
My I burrow five dollars?
by Brian February 19, 2005
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