to wedge face in between legs when someone is laying on their stomach.
I burrowed her while she was sleeping.
by thevaliantknight September 08, 2008
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a squiggly movement to position oneself farther into a destination
'It's cold. I'm gonna burrow deeper into my blankets'
by jen March 02, 2005
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Louisiana State University QB and 2019 Heisman winner. He has the best throwing arm and the biggest nuts.
Joe Burrow throws so well because his massive nuts swing forward and give him momentum.
by goldengirl9 November 16, 2019
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Originating from the StarCraft unit "The Lurker" this phrase has now come to be a euphemism for sexual intercourse or, more specifically, the act of penetration.
Get ready now darling Mike's about to burrow the lurker!
by Kånkelberry Finn February 17, 2010
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Having sex with a girl on a beach. Sticking your wang into the sand than into her vag. aka screaming seagull
"man i gave that bitch a burrowed pelican last night"
by JMLAD May 06, 2009
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Verb; while having anal sex with a female, you remove your cock and stick one of your nuts in her ass.
I was f*cking this girl in the ass, and half way through I pulled out and stuck one of my nuts in her ass! I bragged the next day to all my friends that I gave her a big burrowing mole
by Kevin R. Smith November 21, 2005
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