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Michael Jackson, an innocent man who has done nothing but help save children's lives, and is the victim of evil.
Michael Jackson is 100% innocent, and we KNOW it.
by Sofia April 10, 2005

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an awesome Sex Pistols song.
"God Save the Queen" is a rad song
by Sofia March 14, 2004

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"trogdor the Burninator"
A nocturnal* dragon from past times that burninates the Country-side

*"and then trogdor comes in the NIIIIIiiiiIIIIIiiiiGGGH!"
by Sofia May 31, 2003

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best damn movie on the face of this earth.
nightmare beofre christmas owns!!
by sofia January 31, 2004

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A cute round orange ball that sound like popping bubbles when it talks... hes also Homestar runners best friend... He comes from the island of pom...
Bubble bubble...
by Sofia June 12, 2003

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-Jewish American Princess

-common in toronto, this specimen uses words such as "ohhh myy gawwd" and "like, Totally!" way too often.

-they tend to have a terrible way of dress, typically consisting of gray sweat pants from the Roots, with a black tank top that tends to be way too small for them and from which everything you dont want to see pops out (eg. fat, hair, etc).

-a nightmare to anyone.

-not a racial expression against jews.
people you dont want to be near because of their extreme annoyance and uglyness and their absolute absent talent of style.
Look at those JAPs. i wish i would never have seen them so i wouldn't have insomnia.
by sofia January 20, 2004

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a boy in love with a girl tat doesnt know that he likes her but she LOVES him...
salah loves me~
by Sofia June 21, 2004

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