A version of the American Cheese Burger but instead of taking on the iconic circle shape, it finds itself shaped as a square.
I think we should grill some Square Burgers for lunch!
by Mufflez November 10, 2020
A wonderful Utah burger chain that gives you as much fry sauce as you can handle. Their burgers are perfectly grilled, fries golden and crispy, and milkshakes rich and creamy. The best locations are on 3300 S and Highland Drive and near the Vivint Arena/Temple Square.
After we eat at Crown Burger, we will watch the sunset on Scenic Drive :)
by Wilford1934 April 27, 2022
Damn that BB Simmons belt is atleast 2 huncho burgers
by Shanek. April 22, 2022
Typically said by men at the peak of human athleticism, it is said as a waiting call for this who want “a fucking burger”.
by Tybot66 November 4, 2022
The best burgers on the planet, for the planet. Created by two-time Burger Bash champs Spike Mendelsohn and Mike Colletti.
“Wow this cheeseburger slaps. How does PLNT Burger make plant-based food taste so good?”
by PLNTBURGER November 24, 2021
When a woman’s lips are shut and you see the three main sauces drip out of the burger. (Mayo = cum, mustard = squirt and chunky salsa = period)
If a man says ‘let me eat your saucy burger’ he’s a keeper!
by Itsanoun December 6, 2021