A sex position where a man lays on a large woman while another large woman lays atop him.
I'd love to make a smooshed burger with them!
by Nela Thomas August 9, 2020
The classic country burger at Big Al's. It can only be cooked by one man — Daddy Nick.
I went to Big Al's last night and ordered a Daddy Burger. Gosh! It's the best burger in town! (said while licking your chops)
by daddycoconut September 26, 2018
A hairy woman in the private area. Or just a hairy bitch.
Woah that bitch over there is so hairy. She has a real fur burger.
by microsofts_bitch September 25, 2019
“Dude my girl asked me last night if I wanted a fur burger, I was you like damn right I do.”
by Dickwad21 June 6, 2022
A meme that is a burger we’re burb lives and a shronky that is a stripper who has sex with thots
Damnnnnnnmnnn fur burger
by OnionTurtle May 2, 2018
A burger that is dead and it is also known as "Luca"
I am going to play bridge on hive with Dead burger
by Mystic640 December 29, 2022