When you biologically transfuse somebody into a robotic homunculus. Also know as a flesh golem.
I gundam burgered your mom last night. Now you gotta get in her and go through psychological torment.
by 4ChanCookies April 20, 2022
It's when you overcook the burger, and it becomes well-well done.
Damien: Here is your burger bro
Diesel: Thanks, man...What is this?
Damien: It's called a Hard Burger .
Diesel:...I hate it...
Damien: Ow my feelings.
by LuckySandvich August 11, 2016
When you decide to have too many burger king cheeseburgers, you decide to queef in your baby mamas face while calling her sweet lady by queen while stoned to shit.
"Me and my wife got into an argument so i pulled a good ol' burger queef on 'er." -Guahabi D.
by Guahabi D. November 14, 2017
When a woman’s lips are shut and you see the three main sauces drip out of the burger. (Mayo = cum, mustard = squirt and chunky salsa = period)
If a man says ‘let me eat your saucy burger’ he’s a keeper!
by Itsanoun December 6, 2021