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You’re in his DMs. I’m in his spaghetti. We are not the same.
by BSU2015 September 24, 2021
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The douchebag guys at college parties, who always talk about hooking up with girls and who always cheer other burgers, saying "I'm gonna fuck this tonight! This is my shit tonight!" Are easily distinguished by their body type: meaty and thick, and their intelligence is low. They usually drink beer and hang out at either large parties, outdoor parties, and are accompanied only by other burgers.
"There are too many fucking burgers here. They ain't getin shit from us."
by BSU2015 January 15, 2012
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It’s the Minneapolis/PG rated version of pornstar parking. It’s the first spot in the parking lot that is NOT the handicapped parking. It’s the best parking spot available.
“I got prince parking. I’m the metallic Corolla right there.”
by BSU2015 May 26, 2020
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