Dating back to the the early 1990's in East Berlin, meaning woman, in a sexually derogative way. Today the word is used to describe fit women through a plural meaning.
"The club is packed with fit bunt!"

"I'd love to get bunt like that."
by Viv J March 19, 2006
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In baseball, an purposely weak hit. There are two types of bunts:

Sacrifice (sac) bunt: The sac bunt is designed to move baserunners over to the next base. Doing so requires the fielders to throw the batter out at first base. A suicide squeeze is a sacrifice bunt designed to score a runner.

Bunt for a base hit: This bunt has no real name. It is a bunt designed to cross up the fielders and allow the batter to reach first base safely. A drag bunt is pulled down the baseline.
Rivas bunted Stewart over to third base, butting him in scoring position with only one out.
by Diggity Monkeez March 14, 2005
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You gotta be from McKee’s rocks to know - big sexy nase
No one :

Sto-Rox niggas : Look at her ass

Everyone : bunt
by Alinase October 21, 2019
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A combination between the word bitch and cunt. Bitch is over-used and is beginning to lose its "potency" as an insulting word. Cunt is very brash and inappropriate for most situations. Bunt is an even split between the two.
That girl is such a bunt.

She's in a bunty mood watch out
by Robsapopalis April 6, 2011
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Someone who is being a bitch and a cunt simultaneously. Commonly a female but can also be a male. Not to be confused with the baseball term.
Night Hawk: "Dude my roommate flipped the fuck out on me when I took her clothes out of the washer."

Dragon: "Yeah your roommate is definitely a bunt."
by Xevil November 1, 2011
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A popular saying when a bowl of marijuana has been thoroughly smoked.
by dewth3dew April 7, 2012
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a fart, also as a verb, to bunt.
(On smelling a stinker one has dropped) Allegedly I may have bunted.
by ultranormal February 9, 2010
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