The term 'Bunt' is derived from the words Boring and Cunt. Generaly used for those people who turn up to a house party and talk about insurance.
Can someone save me from this absolute bunt!!
by the bunt January 12, 2015
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A cross between a bint and a cunt
She's such a stupid bunt, it's embarrassing
by Jaded Joanna January 14, 2017
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A girl with an extra large camel toe; a.k.a an extra fat pussy.
Look at that girl's bunt - its bigger than my balls.
by Buntcake July 8, 2009
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golf term, means when you pitch onto the green you mistakenly land the ball just short, right on to the edge of the long grass making your ball roll farther than intended.
Man you got bunted bad, another 6" and that would have been right on the flagstick.
by Ed Womble March 9, 2006
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Bunt - n. - The view of a woman sans underwear bending over displaying both her "cunt" and "butt" combining the two making it "bunt."
"Yo girl bend ova let me see your Bunt
by Filllll June 16, 2009
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Bunt is the combination of bitch and cunt.
Meaning that the person is a bitchy cunt
You are a bunt!
Whyyyyy?? (Crying)
by BananaPow July 21, 2017
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Someone who is bitch and cunt of equal measures. Both men and women apply.
Jo looked over and saw Jemima bang on about her perfect life, what a Bunt, Jo thought.
by Mannie Rae November 24, 2013
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