Slang referring to marijuana. Term originated in the midwest, and is used commonly in private high schools as a code word, usually as a substitute for the word "boof".
"Smoking bunk before my exam helps me focus."
by Bilary Cliff December 2, 2021
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really stupid and lame and dumb and dissapointing and loserish and annoying and stupid and crappy and shitty and horseshitty and stupid and lame.
sounds even better when you say it with hecka
Aw man, thats hecka bunk.

Yo dawg, that chick was like, B-zunk!

Dude, right now im going to use a synonym for stupid lame dumb loserish and stupid.....buNk!
by Michael June 2, 2004
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A Rhode Island term usually meaning to cut, or skip a certain class. Related to the term "National Bunk Day" which means to skip school for a whole day. But bunk itself usually refers to one class.
Guy-Hey are you goin' to Spanish class next period?
Girl-Nope im going to burger king.
Guy- Oh your bunking? Cool. Can you get me something from the dollar menu?
by Kwise April 15, 2010
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SLANG; Fake, copied, 'bit', 'bitten', 'fake-ass'

Used a lot in California (bay area).
"that bitch is bunk."
"they bit that from someone else. that's bunk!"
"that mother fucker is bunk!"
"that's bunk!"
by NorCal Rob December 11, 2012
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Horrible; bad; lame; not rad
Dude let's ditch this bunk ass party!
by Arielle December 30, 2005
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To skip, to avoid.
Example 1:

Person A: Why weren't you in school yesterday?

Person B: I was bunking

Example 2:

Person 1: Are you going to pay for the train tomorrow?

Person 2: No. I'll just bunk it.
by Just_Rico June 20, 2023
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