A word used to describe something lame or not pleasant
by Pastelbleh November 16, 2017
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The term describing a process that is utterly and totally disgusting, fucked up, or nasty.
Boy: "Dad, did you just see that angry terrorist eat that young happy baby?"

Dad: "Yea son that shit was totally bunk! Lets run before he decides to eat you because i know i'll already be the fuck out of here.
by kkladuke32 November 20, 2007
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The flap of extra skin between the underside of the base of the male genitalia (penis) and the scrotum. The most awkard and inconvenient place to have an itch.
God my bunk itches like shit. I gots to move my whole package just to get a good scratch
by Dryhumps McGee September 23, 2010
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Something unpleasent or makes no sense
"That math test was fucking bunk!"
by Brian Griffin September 29, 2007
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To act stupid and drunk when actually stone cold sober because one is so very painfully bored. This usually occurs in dead end office job situations.
i totally made a cock out of Blu Tack and put on my bosses desk today, i was sooo fucking bunk
by Leif Battles November 16, 2010
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Bunk meaning stupid, boring,or just plain not fun.
This band is bunk, we shouldn't have even came.
by Brooklyn February 28, 2005
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