Noun, one who frequently gives misleading information, provides excuses when necessary, gives bogus facts to support alibi for bailing or standing up plans, doesn't answer phone calls as way to deter oncoming plans.
Zach was such a bullshitter that he almost believed himself when he told people he forgot to check his phone.
by tommy bullshittin January 5, 2015
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1. One who lies out of his/her ass.
2. One who commits the act of bullshitting.

Bullshit=absolute nonesense, to lie out of the asshole.
Me: John is such a bullshitter
Eric: Why do you say that?
Me: because he promised that he'd give me his PS3 ifI could end DMC4 in a week.
Eric: well, you should have known that he was bullshitting from the door.
Me: that asshole.
by Marsellus Wallace's Wife October 31, 2008
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Some one who just talks the biggest load of crap ever. They just won't fucking shut up!
Paul: Oh yeah i know, i can complete Halo without firing a single bullet on Legendary!!11!!

Mate: Yeah, Yeah, BULLSHIT!
by The Mate May 16, 2005
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Someone who will claim he drank 2 litres of vodka and was not drunk.
Someone who claims he has many girlfriends who come to his house and sleep with him.
Someone who generally compulsively lies and everyone who speaks to him knows it.
Degenerate of society.
"Hey dude, guess what"
"The other night i took on a gang all by myself, each one was down"
"Shutup man, thats bullshit, Your just one big hairy bollock of a Bullshitter."
by MrManc420 October 21, 2009
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Someone who lives a very very dull boring an shitty life that they make up stories to make themselfs sound like anyone other than the boring ass fuck face that they are.

They are usually HUGE HUGE flakes which is why they are bullshitters in the first place. They never go out because they flake which leads to them having no friends an sitting at home all day jerking off to pictures of fat girls. Before they know whats happened, they have no intresting stories to tell or relate to. Thus causing them to spew the stupidest an fuckin biggest lies EVER!

They are in reality total pussies an even worse, bad story tellers. even with the lies they spew, the story goes no where an has no climax

They NEVER admit to lying or bullshitting even though 99% of the stories they tell contradict or make absolutely no sense what so ever. A bullshitter can be spotted easily because he will interupt with his horrible lie of a story an its very obvious from the start that its nothing close to the truth.

Its a complete waste of your mother fucking time to even look at these people. Mostly because they will never admit to lying, they will just spew out more bullshit to cover the orginal bullshit. a very good example of a bullshitter is Garrett "Winslow" Dutton
Jon: "yeah man, we were almost ready to throw down right there but.....

Garrett: "DUDE! This one night I was at this party, crazy party like 500 people there, people are hanging off the celing fans an shit. Anyways, this guys just talking shit making up stories an im getting sick of it, so I just punch the guy in the face. Cops come an just let me go. I was soooo hammered, had like 29 beers"

Jon: "AHHHH DUDE, BULLSHIT!!! youre such a fuckin bullshitter, go fuck your mother!"
by llegoz October 16, 2009
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some one that talks bullshit every time they open their mouth!
Mate 1: Hey Mate... you know that Rob, he is the biggest bullshitter ever!
Mate 2: Word!
by Wilo March 4, 2005
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1 .Someone who talks out of his ass, tries to "enhance" his personal biography with stories that usually won't fool anyone. 2. Someone who pertains to bullshit.
Dennis: Yeah, back in Nam' i flew the F-104 Starfighter in the special forces and i dogfighted 7 Mig-21's and shot each of them down except for one more when i ran out of ammo, so i started to gain some speed and ended up side by side with his jet, we looked at each other through the sides and i opened my Canopy and reached over to his jet with my combat knife and stabbed the mig pilot to death! Then i ran out of fuel so i took my oxygen tube and hooked it up to his fuel tank to my fuel tank and i took his fuel out while the pilot was dead and so i was able to travel home with a full tank. Yeah, i remember the sarge giving me 11 gold Valor ribbons, 19 Outstanding Airman badges, 90 Pilot badges, and 7 medal of honors, i keep them stored up my asshole. Oh yeah, and i also got a Astronaut badge when my F-104 achieved Mach-9.7 and went into Low earth orbit and stayed up there until the gravity pulled me back in which my jet as able to survive the Re-entry.

Me: Wow, you are the worst Bullshitter mankind has ever met.
by Anti-bser-missile February 1, 2009
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