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your neighbors deformed dog that is so ugly that its cute. Bull terrier that weird ass fucked up dog
Its a bird its a plane no its a Bull terrier so ugly its cute.
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by Boxedisopod May 04, 2018
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a very unique looking dog that originates from england.has a head that almost looks as if it is pointed,and is descibed by most as "egg shaped".they come in many different coat colors,and also comes in a normal size,and a miniature size.a great example of a bull terrier is bullseye,the target mascot dog,which has a red target painted over it's left eye.
upon first seeing a Bull Terrier,most would consider it "ugly".but i find it a great looking dog,that makes i great pet.
by y2c January 17, 2009
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An awsome dog that can be found in either minature or regular. The bull terriors are also very easy to groom their fur. They are also known to love playing games with toy balls.
Cool characters like Spud McKensie and Grimm are bull terriers.
by lunar shadows August 11, 2004
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