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v. Bullhat, Bull-style, Bulling Out.
A state of extreme personal anger wherein the only desire is to harm the object of said anger. A person in Bull Mode is extremely volatile, and will not have concern for their own or anyone else's safety. Bull Mode is rare in most humans, however nearly all people experience it at least once in life.
"When Ralph learned that the Steve had wrecked his car, he went Bull Mode on him."
by John Martin May 01, 2005
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A state of mind and body when an idiot feels a great amount of aggression and anger. This is measured in levels from 1 to 1,000 which is called Bullmode. Symptoms of Bullmode include: Blood shot eyes, lack of clenlyness, uncut fingernails, large scratch marks on ones arm from bottled aggression, silence, lowered head in which resembles a bull, sudden charging the person or thing that caused anger, hence the name Bullmode.
Also See David Style
Boy 1: I accidentally dropped a soda can on davids foot and he went bullmode on my ass!
Boy 2: Really? He's such a david style!
Boy 1: Yeah, he tried to tear by eyes out but I'm too fast for his david styleness!
by FRISKET March 29, 2005
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A person that takes on a challenge or a difficult project. A person that puts their head down and charges in to get things done.
John is only working on his term paper. He is in bull mode.
by B1445 July 14, 2005
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When a boy goes into a spooky mood and tries to kill everything. Very scary and they can't remember they did it afterwards. (1 year)
Woah Tomos, don't go into bull mode for fuck's sake!

by Lili fly June 19, 2016
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That definition of bull mode is total bs, there is no 1-1000 and thats not really bull mode, he doesnt even put his head down, bull mode is just levels of david being pissed, bull mode has nothing to do with finger nails and his dirtyness, Bad job with that one
IDIOTS, dont post on it if u dont know what it is
by Josh March 29, 2005
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