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A state of mind and body when an idiot feels a great amount of aggression and anger. This is measured in levels from 1 to 1,000 which is called Bullmode. Symptoms of Bullmode include: Blood shot eyes, lack of clenlyness, uncut fingernails, large scratch marks on ones arm from bottled aggression, silence, lowered head in which resembles a bull, sudden charging the person or thing that caused anger, hence the name Bullmode.
Also See David Style
Boy 1: I accidentally dropped a soda can on davids foot and he went bullmode on my ass!
Boy 2: Really? He's such a david style!
Boy 1: Yeah, he tried to tear by eyes out but I'm too fast for his david styleness!
by FRISKET March 29, 2005

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A spicy red burrito which contains 700 calories of processed beef and will give anyone who consumes it the major shits. Cancer burritos should be consumed no more than once a week at the very most and should not be consumed at all if possible. Symptoms of the cancer burrito include: massive shits, constipation, stomach pains, sudden weight gain, addiction to the burrito and sudden decrease of the senses.
Josh: Dude why did you just get a cancer burrito!
David: I'm addicted to them now, if I dont have one I start to get withdrawls.
Josh: o0o0o0o0o0o0o DEADLY!
David: You know it!
by FRISKET January 19, 2006

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