1) An expression to describe how amazing something is.
That girl is buckets at DT. I busted one off in her mouth after like 5 seconds.
by A Mountain Skoal July 16, 2006
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a young girl who is known for having a loose vagina which could hold many a large item
that bucket could hold a small country
by mart1n221 June 02, 2009
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To Bucket or to be Bucket Drunk;

1. To be so drunk, a "barf bucket" has become permanently attatched to your hand, lap, hands of friends looking after you, etc. Therefore, to be "bucket drunk" is to be completely "wasted".

2. To be "bucket drunk" is to be so drunk that incoherent babble becomes your language of choice; to say something stupid or funny while under the influence is considered "a bucket".
DRUNKEN DEREK: *hic* I'm so speak, I can't even drunk right!

SOBER SAM: Haha.. you just totally bucketed, man.
by Caity K February 12, 2007
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