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Basically, "nudies", is a cute term that refers to nude pictures. I would imagine someone was just too scared to say "nude/naked", so instead, substituted those words, for a more, pop, PG-13 rated version.
"You know, you should really take some nudies for me..."
"Uh, no."
by Menticide May 08, 2005
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Electronic Control Unit; also known as an ECM (Electronic Control Module). Commonly found in cars, for electronic purposes, like sterios, lights, etc.
"Can't see you tonight...my um... ECU is busted, yeah..."
by Menticide May 10, 2005
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Usually refers, nowadays, to loose women. Commonly, people will nickname a woman a "bucket", if she sleeps around, or has a reputation as a slut, or a chicken head.
"Ew, Christy? Hell no, I won't touch her...she's a bucket, for sure..."
by Menticide May 10, 2005
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