One of a kind males name, A kind caring sole who has a heart of gold.Mild temper but not to be mistaken as weak because can open a can of whoop-ass on you quick.. Anyone could be so lucky to have this person in there presence. He is awsome.
I wish i could be like Bryne he is so awsome..He's a one of a kind dude.
by mr. awsome May 3, 2013
A woman of unothodox class. Able to sip on wine glasses with the rich folks but then sits in her old PJs and drinks orange juice out of the carton. Tends to have a very supportive family. Does not settle for second best. Has an unquenchable thirst for learning and will more than likely find the cure to cancer or save the planet. A good freind and a great sister. Will have an award named after her sometime in the near future.
I dont care who won the Nobel Prize, I wanna know whos up for the Bryne award.

Did you see that Bryne over there dipping cheetos in her $10 Starbucks?
by justred February 8, 2010
Kind of crazy, lots of fun, scatterbrained, hippy-ish, and has a heart of gold!
That was such a Bryne move!
by nola87 November 20, 2011
Getting absolutely annihilated / GTA5 wasted on a Dirt Bike to the point of hospitalisation and possibly ded
"Holy fuck bro, did you see that cunt get totally Bryned off that Jump?! He won't be walking straight for weeks!"

"Aww man...I just got absolutely Bryned coming off that berm, pretty sure my bike is totalled "
by Enduro Master Rekt March 14, 2018
When you jack off so often at every oppurtunity, no matter how innappropriate that your dick becomes incredibly sore and friction burnt.
During sex
Guy: ooowwwwww!!!!!!
Girl: What's wrong, why is your dick so raw and tender?
Guy: Erm.......
Girl: For God's sake, have you been bryning?!!
by Eric Carpenter October 30, 2006
Brynee is a weird orange and green monster that hides beneath cardboard boxes waiting to scare hobos.
DAMN! That Brynee scared the hell out of me!
by Fluffyrain December 31, 2009
To get brutally owned by your mma friend without warning, usually in the form of a kick.
a:"Hey man why are you grabbing your left knee like that?"
b:"Oh dude i just got bryned"
by Dayquann. October 29, 2010