an amazing actress with a beautiful voice and has the best acting skills
she is known for being Josie Saltzman on legacies
Who plays Josie on Legacies?
Oh thats just Kaylee Bryant
by bluecleverwolf December 9, 2019
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One of the 3 greatest basketball players to ever lace me up. We all yelled Kobe when shooting fade-away jumpers. He made us motivated and us hoopers inspired to jack up jumpers from 50! We will never forget you RIP KOBE JELLY BEAN BRYANT
Kobe Bryant

Guy 1: Yo you heard about Kobe?

Guy 2: Yeah that man would give you 81 on any day!!
by JayBoss18 January 27, 2020
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2015 Rookie of the year. Only reason why teenage girls from Chicago watch baseball. Future legend and mass poon slayer
Becky: Kris Bryant can reach home plate with me!
Dad: me too!
by BaseballFan29 March 19, 2016
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Gianna Bryant daughter of Kobe Bryant Died in Helicopter crash on January 26
Gianna Bryant is truly Loved
by 123JK456 January 28, 2020
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Probably one of the worst couples out there considering he sucks and leaves you because you're suicidal and he wants your best friend, but won't admit to it because he's a pussy.
Bryant and Jade -
(A week after promising to stay together forever no matter what.) "I'm breaking up with you" (ON MEMORIAL DAY MIGHT I ADD!)
2 months after that he admits to his current crush that he has a crush on her, but won't say it's actually her and she tells you and puts you into an even worse heartbreak and then you call her out on liking him back because your true best friend actually tells you the truth and she leaves you because she didn't want to deal with it.
by juvenilewhore September 3, 2022
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The act of being rejected by someone who's already TAKEN.
Don't slide into her DM's, you might just get Bryant Ularte with that one.
by SchwiftyCapone March 31, 2020
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an amazing person. a legend that deserves all the love and attention so does his daughter. RIP legend. #MAMBA
“What’s your favorite numberS?”

“Kobe Bryant’s number 8 and 24
by btscoolkids January 27, 2020
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