Bryant is someone who can be caring to select people and a huge dick to most. He is kinda funny and will be there if you need him (no one)
by ur mum geeey November 2, 2019
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Bryant is the most athletic, intelligent, good-looking, and coolest Korean everywhere. Everybody wants to be like him and he looks to a great future which is 100% assured for him.
I want to be just like him!!!

Bryant is the best!!

I want Bryant's autograph!!
by 1838($!,! October 5, 2014
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A handsome guy who is most likely going to break ur heart after 2 weeks bc he likes someone else. He’s a player
Omg Bryant is such a player.. ugh.
by Flyer October 15, 2019
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A BHTT, all the way. The most annoying guy you know. Comparable and sometimes is a nagging middle schooler.
"Man, start running, I see a Bryant"
by Tater wedge February 11, 2015
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