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Someone who doesn't carry their workload.
(said in a higher pitched voice)
by MB Mart--z February 05, 2003
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A hockey player, almost always Canadian, who might not be the highly-touted star of a team but knows how to grind it out in the corners. Sluggos are often found on championship rosters of teams in the National Hockey League, and are essential to any sustainable Cup Run. The great Don "Grapes" Cherry has described himself as a sluggo on several occasions, which has led to a positive connotation of the term.
"They may not move that well, shoot that well, or even look that good - but I'll be damned if my Cup Run won't be led by a buncha greasy sluggos."

"Those guys in the corner shifting around, getting greasy in there, those are the real sluggos like me"
by Ol' Grapes May 13, 2013
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A woman with an unfavorable appearance who dresses like a slut to gain more attention from men who would normally not want to look at them. A cross between a slut and an uggo.
Oh man, look at that sluggo trying to get those chotch bags to notice her.
by brock b brockington September 25, 2010
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