An Italian food. Grilled bread rubbed with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.
Can be topped with capsicum, tomato, basil, cured meats and cheeses.
This bruschetta is very tasty.
by lucy3 July 30, 2008
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(noun) (pronounce Broo-shett-a) - a best friend (usually a female) who turns his or her back on you. A friend who is very close to you and then ends all contact and makes no effort to be close friends. Reasons for noncontact are unexplaned and result from boyfriend/girlfriends, immoral activity, or even hermitude.
-"Wow! We used to be best friends in high school, now we're in college and I never hear from her."
-"She's such a bruschetta"

-"I saw my bruschetta at the dinning hall today"

-"We're such good friends, I don't want us to ever become Bruschetta's"
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Like a shit sandwich but, due to cost cutting and non caring management, you only get one bit of bread.
Despite working hard, the boss delivered another shit Bruschetta
by Dougietwoshoes May 13, 2017
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Absolute semen hungry slut, who is into scat and golden showers.
Man you really like your piss mono, your like a Kelsey de Bruschetta
by Prednisoliniee March 08, 2018
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