A lazy person that works at a diner. They never have their priorities straight. Most Brucie's have some type of illness (most commonly a sleep disorder).
I bet that cook back there is a Brucie
by The Best Definer 1234 July 14, 2016
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Scottish word for pure dead brilliant at everything : to have a large schlong :the purest type of cocaine
by Some twat April 7, 2003
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Brucie Bonus....from the god that is Bruce Forysth
Did you get a Brucie this month?
by BB July 29, 2003
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A person with extreme liberal and left wing views. The ultimate in wokeness. Usually Scottish.
Only a liberal brucie would see Macron drinking Corona as a symbol of the far right
by Hayward Jablomie June 20, 2023
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A brucie is a bong used for inhaling incredible amounts of cannabis.
Tim completely cleared the Brucie
Pass me the Brucie
Step and Jay choked on the Brucie
by Jay Oftecrue October 3, 2006
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Haggis eating slightly scary, bald lookin, sweaty sock
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
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To appear gay. Metro sexuals are brucy.
Me: Hey Mike, You look very brucy today in that hot pink shirt.

Mike: Fuck off
by Shannon Elizabeth July 22, 2005
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