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Residing in Gotham City, billionaire Bruce Wayne is a well respected socialite, philanthropist, and owner of the multinational conglomerate, Wayne Enterprises. He is often known for donating millions of dollars a year to charity and trusts, yet is also seen in the public eye as little more than a playboy and a prominent bachelor. Dating movie stars, buying things that aren't for sale, and so forth. But, little do people know that Wayne maintains this facade so that nobody will expect that he is in fact Gotham City's nocturnal avenger, the Batman.
"All this, it's not me. I am more..." --Bruce Wayne
by clowmanus August 14, 2005
The Matrix Online is an MMOG where tens of thousands of players will jack into the Matrix world to take an active role in continuing the saga of The Matrix movie trilogy. Developed by Monolith Productions in conjunction with the Wachowski Brothers, creators of The Matrix trilogy, the game will be a re-creation of the virtual world of the Matrix, employing cutting-edge 3-D graphics, networking and server technology. Gameplay in The Matrix Online will be based on intricate and exciting "wire-fu" combat, an extensive mission structure, social interaction and a completely customizable skill and ability system.
With every end, there is a new beginning...
by clowmanus February 12, 2005
Sentient programs within the Matrix, the law enforcers for the Machine organization. They all resemble tall white males in suits and sunglasses. They can move in and out of any hardware directly connected to the Matrix, which means that anyone who's mind has not been liberated is potentially an Agent. They have amazing abilities not limited to super strength, speed, accuracy, and masterful skill of all martial arts. Only one human has ever been able to defeat any Agents who attempt to oppose him: the One, Neo. Now that he is deceased, Zion operatives can do only one thing when they see Agents: run.
"I've seen an Agent punch through a concrete wall, men have emptied entire clips at them and hit nothing but air. Yet their strength and their speed is still based in a world that is built on rules..."
by clowmanus February 11, 2005
man that doggins, he the biggest script monkey i know...thats why they call him risky shizzle
by clowmanus February 25, 2004