A very nice guy with a huge penis he has a very good sense of humor and keeps women laughing but the laughing stops when he pulls out that very huge penis
"Bruce you are cool and all but, where u think you're going to put that huge penis?"
by Real man 72 March 14, 2017
This niggas dick big af. He gotta tuck his dick in his sock so it don't drag across the floor. This nigga fuck every white bitch he sees. This nigga's semen tastes like kool aid. His dick is always hard 24/7. This nigga a god.
Oh that nigga Bruce? His dick big af.
by ficklefucker February 6, 2017
Bruce is a name usually given to a male/boy/man. Unfortunately negative homosexual stereotypes are connected to the name "Bruce" from media outlets in the 1980's and 1990's as flamboyantly gay male characters. Note: there is nothing wrong with being homosexual or whatever a person chooses to be - but to assume a person is gay based on their name (having a sense of humor about it isnt bad as long as your not hurting the unfortunate person named Bruce). I believe time is working to switch the "Bruce stereotype" to where it will become worthy of Batman once again.
"Hey, that guy over there is pretty cute I wonder if he is single?" "No Lara, his name is Bruce I'm pretty sure he is Gay"
by FactBasedEvidence September 25, 2019
Bruce is a mass of contradictions. Or should that be a mess of contradictions? He will be loyal, honest, authentic, enthusiastic, adventurous, but insensitive.

He can be extremely emotional but hide it well. He feels emotions deeply, but you would never guess by listening to him.

When he’s made a decision he takes a long time to change his mind, but when he does change his mind he doesn’t object to admitting that his first decision might have been wrong.

He can be an enthusiastic lover, and a strong friend.

He has highs and lows in his life. Big highs, and big lows. But even at his lowest low, he accepts completely that the position he’s in was as a result of his own choices.

He is an eternal optimist, and while he always hopes for the best, doesn’t often plan for the worst.
Let’s have an adventure with Bruce. It will be fun, but most of all, it will be different.
by BFNZ May 18, 2019
Bruce is a more savvy and educated way to say the word "nice"
John: "Oh, damnnnnn, it's a really bruce day."
Dr.Zhivago: "Indeed. The sun is shinning and it is bruce to be alive"
by Bruce Wayne Bruce February 24, 2011