to Bruce: The ability to clock up 40hrs of Skyrim during launch weekend. All while having already clocked up 40+hrs in dead island and 46hrs in Battlefield 3.
(Crud): Skyrim, is an amazing game!
(Vorn): Yeah it is, I wish I didn't have responsibilities....
(Crud): Yeah, you would Bruce the sh1t out of that game!
by cPsYcRoW November 15, 2011
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Bruce is a hot, sexy ass motherfucker. He is the best guy around when he's not fucking around with other bitches. He will make the best boyfriend but be careful of the dumbass he is when he drinks at parties. He is the sweetest, kindest, most loving heart you will ever come across in your life. He is the best cuddler, the best kisser and has an exceptional talent with fingers. He is brilliant in every way with a type of humor you never get bored of. His smile will make you melt inside and his eyes will be something you crave to see even for just the smallest second every day. Bruce has a sexy body with an absolutelbeautiful personality that you can't find anywhere else. When you find a Bruce, make sure you hold onto him, Trust me :)
I love Bruce so much words can't describe
by Hellllloooooooooowoorrrllllddd November 20, 2016
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(v). to be cool, sweet, or chill.
Bridget: I just drank an entire bottle of mustard.
Drew: Dude, you're so Bruce!

Sex Tiger: I kinda just want to hang out tonight and lay low.
Bethany: You're so not Bruce tonight.
by dumps278 June 12, 2008
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The most incredible guy you'll ever meet. He probably has beautiful blue eyes that you get lost in. He's the PERFECT combination of cute, adorable, funny, hot, attractive, & is overall incredibly amazing. Once you meet him, you'll never want to let him go. And rightly so. No other guy in this entire universe could ever compare to the love and care he'll bring to your heart. Every time you see Bruce's lovely smile or hear his perfect laugh, your heart will be filled with joy and your brain will race around in circles. Bruce is the right guy to spend the rest of your life with. He will respect you and defend you, along with your kids & pets. He has outstanding looks and an outstanding personality. Bruce's hands and warm hug will embrace you in a world full of love and a universe full of memories that last forever. Even if you and Bruce get into fights, big or small, he will always be there. That's just a small fraction of what makes him so much different from the rest. Most guys will be dicks and leave you over the small things. Bruce, however, is so kind and caring. He is understanding and will always care for you more than you can ever imagine. There may be times when it seems like he hates you, but I promise that no matter what happens Bruce will always stay by your side. And that's just a small part of why I love him. Everything is too much to put into here. No words in any language could ever describe how much I am truly in love with this amazingly breathtaking person.
Girlfriend: Bruce is so fucking adorable. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him, surprising him with all the gifts and love in the world. Which he deserves.

Bruce: I love you.

Girlfriend: I love you more, I'm always here for you.
by Lil Oof Dick July 31, 2018
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To give or be given a one-sided beat down. Like going against Bruce Lee.
"Okay i'm about to Bruce this guy."

"I saw that fight yesterday man, you got bruced."

"If Chuck Norris tried to fight him you know he would have gotten Bruced."
by Nekesu March 07, 2008
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Bruce is a dick sucking faggot that loves to hit girls and eat all the food in his house . He rarely gets hair cuts and smells like ass , his stomach is bigger than a beach ball . And he never gets bitches
Bruce is a cock sucker
by Hdrjsosndhaknd June 07, 2018
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Bruce is some you usually get along with he's charming with black smooth silky hair and brown eyes he's a good cuddler
and always puts others needs before yours and enjoys everyone's smile he is super nice and handsome maybe even daddy he's good in bed and stands up for anyone including strangers he's a perfect boyfriend that never gets jealous
he so good looking no one can describe well enough without leaving some words out he's not perfect because no one is but he's a close secound
Bruce is daddy
by YourMainDaddy January 16, 2018
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