Short for Anarcho-Capitalist. The 2 fundamental principals of Ancap philosophy are the non-aggression principal, (NAP) and (Voluntary) interactions between human beings, in all circumstances. Ancaps believe in free markets and the right to own property. The most fundamental thing someone owns is their own body. Ancaps believe that governments are essentially large gangs that use their “monopoly on the use of force” to oppresss and control populations.
I’m an ancap because I like to let each individual choose how they live their lives and how they spend there money.
by Rogue Yogi April 19, 2019
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Anarcho-Capitalism for short ancap, its the favorite economical system bring idolized by the groomers.
by theauthrightdude September 15, 2020
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Short for anarcho-capitalism or anarcho-capitalist.
I just stenciled that ancap's fence. How's that for private property!
by jonomicon September 07, 2007
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A person who displays terribly annoying qualities.
Dude stop being an ancap.
by Sanguine Pendulum August 18, 2020
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Both annoying and funny.

Ancap is short for "anarcho-capitalist" which is the ideological laughing stock for most of the sane people out there.
- Did you see that ancap's comments on my post yesterday?
- Yeah! He's so dumb and annoying, ffs.
- Why doesn't he just go and buy some functioning brains for himself on his beloved free market?
by ENTJ_ML August 04, 2017
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A blonde british ancap who should take the hoppe pill
Based and ancap pilled should take the hoppe pill to become based
by Jah_ounce October 07, 2020
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