The religion which EHS believes in.
Alex believes in Broominism
by Tito Mexibeaner May 09, 2008
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(v) - to be swept aside in a cold and callous fashion; usually applies to workplace incidents but can be adapted to any situation; also synonymous with ass-raping by a superior
Despite Joe's stellar performance reviews, he was Broominated in the reorg.

Man, that guy got Broominated worse than the psunami victims.
by Shawshanker August 07, 2011
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arousing the area above the genitals during the awkward phase between the 'sand paper' stage and the 'forest' stage.
My girlfriend usually has a full Brazilian but last night I was broomin' porcupines.
by Travis Urban May 03, 2006
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Mainly FOB term.
to clean or Brush the floor
"Shit, i had to clean this Thames boat i rode in on, all that shit like Broomin da floor, and man shit, its like im back in Portugal!"
by SupaSkrilla February 10, 2003
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Named after the game broom ball, similar to floor hockey. Means when someone is doing something excessively well, or with a lot of stamina
Person 1: "I did all my homework this weekend and went to my SAT"

Person 2: "Damn your broomin"
by 72michelle72 December 10, 2016
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