A term given to young snowboarders who just live for the snowboarding scene and hang in packs at the park all day in their fresh get-ups
Equivalent to Grommets in the surfing scene
Wow look at all the Bronzers hanging at the half pipe today

I am dating this guy that is really into snowboarding, he is such a bronzer
by vonbronzer September 02, 2010
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to have once been light, and now a tanner color, therefore u have become bronzer. can be used in an adjective form.
Girl you are bronze!

Kayla was a white girl, now shes a bronzer.
by kaylizcabe May 12, 2010
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Another term for a lesbian, lesbo or dyke
When theyve gone all bronze from pumping iron all day (not to mention pussy)
Dude 1: Owwwwwww check out that muscly biatch!

Dude 2: Urghh shes such a bronzer!
by Desperado Tortoise May 18, 2009
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One who apply's a fake tan on her friend every week and is in denial about the lesbian tendencies that the chior implies.
Tracy lets go drinking!
I can't, I have to go Bronze Ally. If I don't do it every week she gets mad at me.
by john September 17, 2003
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