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A game where you try to get a physical letter delivered to the most ridiculous (preferably made up) name possible.

The challenges of Bronking are twofold.
The first is that if the name is too ridiculous, a human mail sorter may reject the letter as garbage (which it is). Automated systems tend to not filter mail so effectively.
The second is making up a ridiculous name that fits the above criteria of not being too fake sounding.

Techniques include sending back credit-card 'junk mail' with the desired name filled in, in place of your own. However in bronking circles, this is frowned upon, as these systems are automated. (see above)

Invented by Dr Todd Gonzales of Townsville, Australia and named after the original 'recipient', Dr Kendall Cotton Bronk.

Protip: Most names sound better with a 'Dr' in front of them.
Guy 1: I just thought of the best bronking name, 'Mr Richard Poopenmyer'.
Guy 2: Na it's too fake, how about 'Dr Friskard Folper'?
Guy 1: How about 'Mr Phillip Urbon Dickary'?
Guy2: That's better, now you're getting it.
by wi1d3 January 09, 2010
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