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A fake Rolex that all of your friends agree to say is real when you're around women.
Dude, we're gonna be hookin' up tonight when you sling your Brolex around!
by RealRolexGuy March 10, 2011
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Old school but intentionally bling timepiece. Specifically worn with clothing and accessories not generally associated with the lifestyle or target audience of watchmakers such as, but not limited to, the traditionally conservative company Rolex.
Nice work on the Brolex and the vintage Ramones concert T.

Here's a thought, ditch the Jacob & Co. for a sleeper Brolex.

She's a total smokeshow with the Brolex and those wicked Louboutin stilettos.
by fullcity June 22, 2007
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A ghetto term. Derived from the two words broke and rolex. Basically a jacked off rolex thats broken but is still being worn.
Hey jig, get on down the road with your brolex wearing ass.
by Billy Bang Thornton June 28, 2005
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The combination of two beautiful and athletic people. Both are tens and have the name Brooke and Alex.
Kalley: OMG! Did you see Brolex today?
Ashley: Yes Brooke rocking her tennis outfit, and Alex rockin' his lax pinny!
Kalley: Such a hot couple.
by BroAshKal December 18, 2011
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A gaudy, diamond-covered watch.
Yo, the Emperor's got a new Brolex. Yo, check that bling, yo! Pavé ama-ze!! Yo.
by TheEmperorHasNoClothes August 25, 2010
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An activity usually engaged in while drunk. Using the male appendage as a watch to gross out / amuse one's friends.
"Hey B, check out my sweet Brolex dude!"
"Ew J.! Put that thing away sicko!"
by Titanica August 19, 2011
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